About the webinar
Any aspect of a business at a startup can be a struggle—right from the word go. Sales is a struggle, rtaining client is a struggle, managing cash flows is a struggle, finding investment is a struggle. The list is endless, indeed. What factors then entrepreneurs should focus on to achieve the maximum uptick in sales? And how do they make such decisions? Importantly, how can organizations get sales teams to focus on factors that drive customers’ buying decisions? In this webinar, Sanjiv Bhavnani, the founder of Mentorpreneur, guides you on how to plan your business so you maximize sales opportunities for your product/service.

Know your Speaker:
Sanjiv Bhavnani, Founder of Mentorpreneur & Infotecniques Groups

Sanjiv is successful at formulating effective go-to-market strategies and negotiating multinational transactions valued in excess of $20 million against larger, more entrenched competition. He has over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology industry with solid strategic and tactical expertise in business operations, global expansion, fund raising, marketing & sales and new product development.