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National Entrepreneurship Network

NEN Webinar : Building the right team culture and dynamics in startups

Building a company is all about building a team and a great culture almost certainly builds a great team. Everyone looks at companies and has a perspective on cultures — 'Google has a great culture' or 'HP has a nice culture'. What is culture? Have you defined your company's a culture? How you expect new employees to know and fit into your culture?

This webinar taking place on 13th September 2017 is aimed to make you answer ready with team culture and how to build it.

Key Takeaways
1. Why culture
2. Fundamentals, common myths
3. Examples, what works, and what doesn't
4. Culture first or Growth first
5. How to hire culture-fits
6. Misfits, values, sundry, role of HR


    • Phani Pattamatta
    Co-founder, IPhi Group