Pre-startup stage is the emergence phase of entrepreneurship - scouting for inputs from various connects including potential customers, domain ecosystem, potential investors and the relevant vendor pool. In this stage, an entrepreneur is planning, designing, experimenting, and is looking to on-board like-minded people as co-founders to bridge the skill gap.

This stage broadly maps the existence of opportunities, the value of these opportunities, the associated risks and covers the following:

  • Business idea generation
  • Idea validation
  • Core team formation
  • Alignment between the venture, and vision and values of the founder/co-founder
  • A strong sense of the underlying problem statement and solution offerings
  • Target Audience profiling
  • Preliminary market research/ feasibility study
  • Value proposition definition
  • Product and market fit
  • Bootstrapping options

Our solution offerings:

  • Self-consumption videos
  • Bootcamps
  • Workshops
  • Case Studies
  • Tools for opportunity evaluation, product-market fit and business modeling
  • Webinars that address the above issues
  • Early stage mentoring for idea validation

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it"

Thomas Edison, co-founder of General Electric

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