WF NEN is a vibrant entrepreneurship network supporting startups and SMEs to grow their businesses by enabling access to ‘self-consumption and session-based’ learning.

Self-consumption: provides startups and SMEs with videos, courses, webinars, blogs and case studies to meet their growth aspirations.

Session based learning: supports startups and SMEs to accelerate their venture related goals through events, workshops and clinics.

Early stage entrepreneurs:

MVP to Market Boot Camp: Presents proven and efficient methods to help entrepreneurs validate their idea and value proposition. The Boot Camp is designed for entrepreneurs who are willing to assess and re-validate the feasibility of their business concept, craft a business model and implement it through a business plan. It is a rigorous camp which helps entrepreneurs focus on their venture’s core value and to come closer to their customers. After the camp, entrepreneurs are provided access to Wadhwani Foundation’s Mentor Network who can support them in realizing their business goals.

Early growth stage startups:

Marketing Boot Camp: Discusses various marketing channels and tools available to help entrepreneurs in planning their marketing efforts. This addresses the marketing strategy and implementation aspects of startups who are in the early growth stage and are looking to acquire and grow their customer base. In this boot camp, the facilitator discusses aspects like customer profiling, customer persona, zero cost marketing techniques, marketing budget and execution plan.

Any startups:

Design Thinking Workshop: Seeks to introduce design thinking to entrepreneurs, as a way of conceptualizing and creating new, innovative outcomes, all with a human-centered approach. At the end of this workshop, participants are equipped with ideation and prototyping methods and tools to test and validate ideas quickly and be able to create solutions with the end-user in mind, and with real-world applicability.

Lean Startup Workshop: Discusses various lean startup methods like agile development, MVP development, business model canvas, customer development, zero cost marketing, Innovation accounting, continuous deployment and much more.

Tools for Growth Workshop: Its objective is to arm the entrepreneur with frameworks, tools and most importantly, the necessary mind-set for achieving sustainable growth for the enterprise. This workshop addresses how to determine the correct priorities for the growing enterprise and what tools and frameworks will be useful for its growth journey.

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