How to be a smart entrepreneur – Ready Reckoner

Akhil Shahani discusses the long-term advantages of becoming a smart entrepreneur.

I recently went through the lists of student entrepreneur business plan competition winners over the last few years. The depressing finding was that very few of these companies seem to have survived up to today. Why is that? There is nothing wrong with the competitions themselves, as they are great vehicles to promote entrepreneurial careers among India’s youngsters. However, too many competition winners (especially in the tech space) believe that simply creating a great tech product is enough to create a great company, which will be snapped up by a tech giant for millions of dollars. Media hype about small companies like WhatsApp and Instagram getting billion dollar valuations just add fuel to the fire.
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Entrepreneurship and mental resilience

Poornima Shenoy talks about the importance of mental resilience for an entrepreneur, and how it is one of the key requirements for long-term success.

“If you love your work, you’ll be out there every day trying to do it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon everybody around will catch the passion from you – like a fever.” – Sam Walton
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Stars align for startups in technology space

Samir Kumar discusses how the current entrepreneurial ecosystem is becoming ever more conducive for the growth of startups in the technology space.

The technology space in India is undergoing a major transformation. India’s well-known software services companies created the first wave of success and global recognition for India’s technology industry. The next wave is now under way, being created by a new generation of startup companies. Most of these technology companies are in the product space, and many play in India’s rapidly emerging domestic marketplaces.
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Technology-driven healthcare entrepreneurship

Several innovative opportunities present in order to support healthcare entrepreneurship,

It’s a great time to be a healthcare entrepreneur in India. While not great statistics for the country, 1.2 billion people translates to a combination of patients needing disease diagnosis and treatment and an even larger group needing disease prevention and wellness, thus opening up a myriad opportunities.
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Startups take a slice of the online world

Entrepreneurship is a buzzword every where and a good number of successful startups are mushrooming all around us.

A decade ago, the mere mention of entrepreneurship would have elicited an indifferent shrug at best and a disdainful frown at worst. Not considered to be a viable career option, a numbered few took the plunge and became entrepreneurs. But nowadays, entrepreneurship is a buzzword everywhere—college campuses, big and small companies and everywhere else. Entrepreneurship is in vogue. Innovators are innovating. Makers are making. And a good number of successful startups are mushrooming all around us.
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My entrepreneurial journey

Serial entrepreneur Chandu Nair shares key lessons learnt via his entrepreneurial journey.

When one starts off as an entrepreneur, almost nothing is known. Despite knowing this—that what helps in success is unknown—and that the mortality rate of new ventures is frighteningly high, a lot of us still become entrepreneurs. Perhaps, this is true only of entrepreneurship than any other initiative one takes in life. And no, it’s not on account of any death wish; it’s the thrill, the joy of initiating, leading, guiding and participating in a journey into the unknown and figuring out a whole lot of stuff that you never knew before, of business, markets, people but, most of all, about yourself.
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It’s a feast or famine situation in the Indian startup scene

One set of businesses are able to raise gazillion dollars every few months while others are finding it as hard as earlier to raise their next round of financing

I recall watching The Truth About Cats and Dogs in the late 90s. The plot revolved around a plain-looking radio show host, Abby (played by Janeane Garofalo), and her attractive friend Noelle (Uma Thurman). The self-doubt about her appearance makes Abby send Noelle, pretending to be Abby, on a blind date with a caller to Abby’s show.
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How citizen entrepreneurs can make a difference

Meera talks about some of the citizen entrepreneurs leading social change in Bengaluru and discusses what we can learn from them.

Some start their own enterprises because they want to be independent. Some have dreams of making it big. But some end up being change-makers, because they wish to see some problem solved, the kind nobody else was trying to fix!
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Find Your Feet in the Digital Marketing World

Nizamudheen discusses a few pointers to keep in mind before engaging in digital marketing activities.

A simple question asked by a prospect triggered the digital aspect of my thought process. “I am looking for doing sampling in a park in the digital space where more than 95% are potential customers for my business. Where can I find such a park to market my product?”
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The Rise of the New Angel Investor

Who is the new angel investor and how does he decide which startup to invest in.

Late 2012 was a time when entrepreneurship was continuing to see a surge in India – a lot more entrepreneurs were emerging who were willing to take the less privileged, high-risk path to build products and startups from India. However fund raising continued to be a challenge. I personally know of friends who had spent seven months raising their angel round, had met with 61 investors face-to-face before they closed their funding round at a valuation that was less desirable.
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