Surfing on the cloud wave

I am back at my desk, fervently trying to grasp and not to gasp, at the astonishing speed, at which technology has overtaken our lives and is unabashedly dominating it, to a never- before- anticipated scale!

Talk of speed in the world of data and it spells two things  cloud computing and mobiles!
And these two dynamic technologies in the context of startups is nothing short of an explosion!
The end result is the lightning speed at which business gets accomplished!

At a very basic level, what is special about cloud computing, is, that it offers a few solid advantages to businesses especially startups, one of the most crucial ones being, low costs of setting up infrastructure. This alone allows startups to save costs and focus on other areas of development. Additionally, greater innovation, and greater agility and flexibility are the other key plus points of the system. Personally speaking, I think the focus would be on innovation, as that is the element which drives businesses and survival. Moreover, that also happens to be the least explored facet of what cloud offers to us.

As of today there are a few companies that offer cloud computing services/platforms that the other established businesses and startups use, to boost their performances. AWS .Amazon Web Services is the pioneer and market leader and is the go-to cloud platform, followed by Microsoft’s Azure for building and app development and BizSpark Plus, specifically, for startups in software entrepreneurship, which allows for faster building and scaling up, IBM Cloud with Softlayer which allows startups to primarily innovate and Google Cloud.

As an incentive, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being given as credits to startups, which they can use, particularly, to validate new ideas, test results and develop apps on platforms, which are fast, secure and user friendly.
Leading examples of startups using these platforms are Spotify and Dropbox using AWS, Clematix, Ecoziee Marketing and Vtiger which use IBM Softlayer, Yipeedo and KlickDoc using IBM PaaS and CloudMunch and NanoBi using Microsoft Azure.
All said and done, the startup crowd seems to be devouring ultrafast cloud computing, which is the order of the day- a sharp contrast to the lazy and lonely cloud of Wordsworth, soaring over vales and hills!!
So much so, for now!


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