Our very own “APP-REVOLUTION”

Everyday moments, from making an exotic salsa dip or an exquisite meringue, to crucial decisions of checking BP, and the right time to plant rice, are not taken by us, but by the myriad apps that flood our smartphones!

Welcome to the universe of apps!!

*App Economy – the thriving New Economy round the corner!!

In India, there is a whole gamut of apps catering to diverse needs like entertainment, social networking, gaming, astrology, devotion, health, education and agriculture, making apps an “economy” by itself. This phenomenon is facilitated and fuelled by
*Mobiles and businesses being inseparable companions making India a “Mobile-First” economy.
*Majority of users of mobile apps between the ages of 18 and 25 years.
*A 100 million downloads per month whoa! What a whopping appetite for apps!!
*Increasing popularity of free apps and in app purchases
*Extremely cheap and competitive rates in the world for phone plans and data packages.
*Growing use of mobile phones in rural areas; as there aren’t many fixed landlines and
*Low end mobile devices running on Symbian, which encourages local apps.

The Predicted Big Explosion kaboom!!!
Considering the global scenario, and the evolving one in India, about 10% of apps worldwide are developed by Indians. By 2017 it is predicted that,
*The number of software developers, of which 75% are less than 35 years of age, will be the largest in the world and
*3 G Sims are expected to increase to 272 million.

Make the Big issues small and the small ones non- existent!!

App economy prospers within a vibrant and an alive ecosystem with optimum infrastructure, mobile devices and OSs. The current challenges that it faces as of now are that

*There is not enough Internet penetration, continuous connectivity and 4G available, for apps to be downloaded and to use real-time services like FB, Skype, What’s App, Google Maps etc.
*The mobile devices have a non-uniform hardware and it is difficult for app developers to cater to all types of devices with different capabilities.

The need of the hour then would be .
*High speed connections with fibre links, to generate the connectivity to increasingly support more apps in education, health and agriculture.
*Mobile devices which need to be reasonably priced, with uniform hardware, sophisticated and powerful, with a user interface and content which is globally more relevant.
*Apps which per se must be compatible with multiple OSs, so that local apps too can be hosted.

Local apps  the brewing trouble
Local apps cater to local needs and tastes but do not have enough local content and are not supported by popular OSs like Android or iOS. Hence users use international apps which further discourages local apps from thriving. App distribution is dominated by international players like Google Play which has 13 lacs apps and Apple with App Store which has 12 lacs apps. It is imperative to have more local app distribution platforms to give an incentive to local app developers. GOI has launched the Mobile Seva App store and the app, MyGuv which runs on both the operating systems.

Apps have a transformative impact on businesses and livelihoods!!

With the presence of skilled personnel, high growth rates of smartphones and data markets, the app economy is poised to take off in a very big way. Global market for apps is estimated to increase upto $ 310 billion by 2016. Education and healthcare are predicted to be the next domains where apps will be used to the maximum. This augurs well for India to achieve its desired milestones in social development. App development is slated to be the next big revolution creating mass employment across all industries, directly and indirectly.

The “App revolution” which perhaps started with the App Store of Apple in 2007, seems to be finally taking off!

Indian apps on the world map!!
With the “Make in India” initiative India can well be the hub for global app development; but more on this later.

Cheerio until the next blog!


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