Optimize your social media presence with DrumUp

Vishal Dutta discusses some of the key social media management challenges faced by businesses today, and how his venture DrumUp can help tackle them.

Hundreds of millions of professionals and businesses worldwide lose precious man-hours each day searching for relevant content. Whether the search for content is to stay updated with the latest trends and news, or to curate content for social media and online presence, the problem is a difficult one to solve. Searching on the web, browsing through select publications and discovering content on social media is both effort intensive and time-consuming – basically inefficient!

DrumUp attempts to solve this problem through an intelligent content discovery engine that employs advanced machine learning, data mining and natural language processing algorithms to build personalized content streams of high relevance for the users. The content discovery engine is supported by a social media management and publishing platform, which connects to major social media channels to help businesses boost their social media presence effectively.

Key social media management challenges faced by businesses and professionals:

With billions of users on social media platforms and millions of businesses trying to engage them on these platforms, maintaining a strong presence on key social media platforms is a no brainer for businesses. Social media is undoubtedly the quickest and most efficient way of reaching out to your target audience at scale. Yet most small businesses find it difficult to optimize their social media presence. Here are a few common challenges that they face:

    1. Finding relevant content

So, you’ve set up a Facebook page and a Twitter handle. But what next? Businesses often feel stumped when it comes to generating share-worthy content. In the context of social media marketing, and content marketing at large, relevance is key. But sifting through the multiverse of information on the Internet is no mean task. If you want your social media marketing efforts to have a positive impact you’ll need engaging and relevant content.

    1. Managing multiple channels

Building a presence on multiple channels means sharing more and more content. It also means logging in to multiple accounts individually, posting content manually and tracking engagement individually. Clearly, doing these tasks manually eats into the precious time and manpower of your business. In worse cases, it could even dilute the focus on core business activities.

    1. Resource constraints

Social media management can be a big time and resource drain, which is often the biggest pain point for businesses when it comes to building and managing a social presence. Small businesses and professionals don’t even have the kind of resources available at their disposal. The result is often neglected social media accounts and pages.

    1. Achieving consistency

Consistent activity is key when it comes to social media presence. To see a stable growth in followers, and in turn, conversions, businesses must continue to stay active on social media. Publishing and monitoring social accounts daily requires a lot of attention and discipline. But the good news is that social media marketing automation can help.

How DrumUp can help businesses and professionals tackle these challenges and more:

DrumUp offers a unique solution, with which businesses and professionals can easily monitor their industry news and content daily through personalized content streams, and curate and schedule content for their social media pages. And all this takes only a few minutes daily with the app. DrumUp offers both web and mobile app versions for convenient access. The app’s social media marketing automation features can cut down your content discovery and social media management time by up to 90 percent. You can:

  • Stay updated on the latest trends and news from industry with personalized content streams delivered through web, mobile and email. Catch the next big wave on social media even as it is ebbing with content suggestions that are no more than a few hours to a few days old.
  • Curate and schedule engaging content for your social media pages. DrumUp can schedule the content for your review or you can plan for your pages yourself days in advance.
  • Manage multiple social accounts through a central dashboard to share both curated and custom content. Any number of accounts can be added and managed from a single point of distribution.
  • Save time with a streamlined workflow and social media content management features.
  • Consume, curate and share content on the go with the mobile app. Make the beach your office and get away from work, without really staying away.