Find Your Feet in the Digital Marketing World

Nizamudheen discusses a few pointers to keep in mind before engaging in digital marketing activities.

A simple question asked by a prospect triggered the digital aspect of my thought process. “I am looking for doing sampling in a park in the digital space where more than 95% are potential customers for my business. Where can I find such a park to market my product?”

My role was to help him identify the park instead of giving a direct answer to his question. What was the brand’s purpose after it found entry in the park? Was it finding a place to engage the users, to sell a product, to create a branding of its own or was it just getting in to convey that “Hey I exist too!” The clarity of purpose was important before taking a step further into it.


  • Evaluate the Digital need of your brand

Is it necessary to spend time, money and resources on digital marketing should be the first question to ask yourself before you start. Social media as a part and digital marketing as a whole is the latest trend and can add immense value to your business plans. If the answer to the question is ‘YES’ go to step two else stay where you are. To be convinced about the need of the media is a must before getting into it.

  • Define your Digital Marketing Goals

It is vital to define your digital marketing goals to succeed in it. You may have many to start with like branding, customer acquisition, customer retention etc .While the goals could be multiple it is recommended to go step by step. Going by the priority and going step by step can help you better understand the Return on Investment. If you are equipped enough to meet the goals yourself go ahead, else outsource it and get it done from the experts.

  • Find your Customer

It is not necessary that all media would suit your business needs. It’s very important to identify the potential medium that could help you achieve your goal. Identify the opportunities and create custom strategies for each digital channel.

  • Arrive at the strategy to be followed

Put your creative mind to work and plan strategies that best suit your business needs. To have knowledge on the way social media works and the opportunities it could offer is essential.

  • Measure ROI

Quite similar to CPA (cost per acquisition) used for offline marketing is ROI (return on investment) used for Digital marketing. A clear understanding of the return on investment is essential to measure your success in the digital marketing field. The investment cost should be a total of your advertisement cost, cost of resources, time spent etc.

Going back to my client’s question, have I helped him identify his park? Your comments are welcome.

Nizamudheen V, Digital and Strategic Marketing Head of Chatterpillar is an Engineering graduate. His background & profound interest in technology combined with his passion for marketing made him to start SocialTiger, one of the emerging digital marketing company in India. SocialTiger offers planned digital & inbound strategies which results in branding and customer acquisition/retention. He also heads BD at Estia Technologies LLP.