Creating Your Killer Startup Video: 5 Essential Tips

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video does that 24 times per second. Video advertising is increasingly becoming a necessity for a business in today’s fast paced world. Gone are the days when you would pen down tons of text in the “About Us” section of your website. A crisp video about your start-up can definitely make you go a long way in explaining what you offer to the right set of target audience. However there are certain things you need to get right to ensure that the impact of your video reaches its maximum potential.

Get the Narrative Right

Should the video be humorous, informative or emotional? It is very important to think about the target audience thoroughly. If humor can connect to some people, some prospective customers look for a straight-forward problem-solution approach. You should always put yourself in a customer’s shoes and try to understand whether the video would appeal to him or not. While it is important to depict the salient features of your product or service, the video should not be overloaded with information. Demographics such as age, geography, gender, profession etc along with the kind of product/service offered by you should be well considered in choosing the right appeal for the video.

Pay Attention to the Building Blocks

Narration, music, visuals and voices are the building blocks of a video. It’s very important to choose a right combination based on the appeal you want. While a product video might look good with a strong and engaging narration about the features of the product, an emotional video with just background music and a strong visual story could go viral on social media.

Say It Quick

Brevity is the soul of wit. With so much happening on internet, your audience will switch tabs as soon as you start stuffing them with information they don’t need. Ideally, a video of not more than 90 seconds should be able to tell your message to a prospective customer.

Call to Action: Convert those Views into Leads

This is one of the most forgotten, but crucial elements: Focus your message on the task or action you would like your viewer to do. Whether you are getting them to visit your website or download your app from the play store, get the message out clear and simple, and tell them how to do it. Remember, the aim of the video is not just to get appreciation, but to also get more leads and customers.

Campaigns can Capture Minds

If you are looking for brand retention in viewer’s minds, you can consider circulating a series of really short videos (20-30 seconds) with different use-cases about your product/service, but keeping a unique appeal and structure. The advantage in this approach is the anticipation among the audience who have already seen your previous videos. This also creates an imprint of your brand deep inside the viewer’s mind and will definitely help your business in the long run.

So stop writing long documents about your brand and “Videofy” your idea. A video of 90 seconds is all you need to tell your story to the world.