How to Find Your Opportunity?

Not every opportunity is your opportunity! This is important to accept because once you become opportunity prone, it becomes easy to keep finding them.

As a skilled opportunity seeker, one learns to search for fundamental changes and resultant needs and challenges that it throws open. Change being so fundamental keeps taking place constantly thereby giving rise to opportunities.
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Student Entrepreneurs: Start-up Now or Get a Job ?

One of the perennial questions that hits many student entrepreneurs’ mind these days is: whether to continue with the entrepreneur’s hat or to wear the employee’s shirt?

This question becomes even more significant in an era and in a country which is seeing noteworthy success in the world of start-up.
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Why is Packaging Important!

A Lindt chocolate is beautifully packed, not because the chocolate is bad!

An Apple product is made to look cool, not because it won’t work well!
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