Impact Investing

These are investments made into organisations, companies and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact along-with a sustainable financial return. These are typically “for-profit” businesses as against philanthropic and not-for-profit social enterprises. Their mission is to create a more inclusive environment with the haves and the have-nots of the world getting equal access to opportunities in all domains of life.
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Our very own “APP-REVOLUTION”

Everyday moments, from making an exotic salsa dip or an exquisite meringue, to crucial decisions of checking BP, and the right time to plant rice, are not taken by us, but by the myriad apps that flood our smartphones!

Welcome to the universe of apps!!

*App Economy – the thriving New Economy round the corner!!
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Practice what you preach

Practice before you preach, practice what you preach and practice even after you stop preaching! These adages and their extensions couldn’t be more significant than in these times of personal branding. I can but try and capture the essence of this nebulous or amorphous essence of the word “brand” by saying that, a brand comes into existence when it is associated with a particular image of a person/ product/service, over a period of time and which shows the same qualities consistently which are unique and singular to that person, product or service irrespective of the time, place or situation.
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Design Thinking a Profound Concept

Hi folks!

Humans today inhabit a multidimensional, seamless, borderless world, where millions of individual trajectories and paths criss-cross inadvertently. And in turn give rise to a ripple effect of sorts. The complexity of these interactions has been further compounded by the integration of technology into the very fabric of living. The way we think, the way we eat, we breathe, and love are intertwined inextricably with the rest of our fellow beings and machines. We no longer are, and cannot be, alone!!
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Step by Step process to Register a Company

Hello and “Wake up” to all the entrepreneurs out there!

I am assuming that some, if not all, entrepreneurs-to-be, have definitely become successful entrepreneurs and a few of them are en route to becoming so, even as I write this from my desk! I am sure as you took that final leap-of-faith into an unknown zone, where no defined parameters exist to measure your success, immediate or long term, no-one waited out there to hold your hand, or to wipe your sweaty brow mixed with tears or to even ensure that you had made a safe landing! And once that leap was taken there was no looking back! This info-blog, as I would like to call it, brings to you yet another step closer to your safe landing i.e., Registration of your precious business in which you would have perhaps invested your life’s earnings!
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The Intellectual Property Of StartUps Part 1

Hi there!

All creative endeavours stem from ideas! All sorts of ideas ,great, fantastic, out of the world, silly, seemingly foolish and outright ridiculous!! Just the way startups are! In fact startups are the culmination of the journey of ideas which emanate from creative, fertile minds and the intellect. And it is this “creation and creativity”, which is actually the genesis of all “intellectual property and everything else related to it”.
It then behoves on the entrepreneur to protect that intellectual property created by him and what is rightfully his, with the help of laws.
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The Intellectual Property Of StartUps Part 2


A budding entrepreneur usually starts his journey with a bagful of ideas, a pocket full of dreams and a wallet full of pennies!! Though the ultimate goal would be to have bags full of green paper, among other things, that could be a rough ride, if certain premises and parameters are not taken care of.
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Top Startup Mistakes that Founders Make

Hello everyone!

I am enamoured of the idea, that building a startup is so like a game of Lego, which needs to be built brick by brick, block by block, matching every key to its lock, going harmoniously by the clock, not too soon, not too late, with not too much, or too less, on the plate! In other words, doing the fine balancing act, with a strong foundation.
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In the Belly of a Startup

Hello there!!

I wouldn’t be wrong if I were to compare a startup environment to that of a biosphere, albeit a technological one, with its unique, fragile ecosystem, whose very nature, paradoxically, is mutational change. What started out as a butterfly could well metamorphose into a frog and vice versa! The very word mutation is suggestive of something entirely new, borne from the old, which needs to stand the vagaries of time.
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The Magic Of Mobile Apps

Said the snail to the sloth, at the risk of incurring its wrath;
who’s faster of the two? The mobile app or you?
Retorted the sloth, you surely jest, my dear snail,
for, there is no doubt, that you, are faster than the email!
And as for the app Zap”zzzzz”
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