Five Types of Customer-Funded Models

Craving Crowd-Funding? Pandering to VCs? Groveling to Your CFO? The Magic of Traction and the Customer-Funded Revolution

Imagine this. It was 1995, and the Coca-Cola Company had just re-entered India after an aborted earlier effort, this time by acquiring the maker of Thums Up, India’s leading cola. Along with the deal came a thick book describing each of the Thums Up bottlers’ territories in plenty of legal jargon, but without a single map. Coke needed a way to find and understand its newly acquired territories. Read More

The Customer-Funded Revolution: An Interview With John Mullins

A vast majority of fast-growing companies are relying on customers’ cash – and not venture capital – to succeed. How are they doing it? London Business School Professor and NEN Faculty Advisor John Mullins has the answers in his latest book The Customer Funded Business.
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In Depth: How to Test Your Business Idea

It’s the fundamental question: will my idea work? And in my career as serial entrepreneur and investor, I’ve seen many different ways to analyze opportunities. But it wasn’t until I met John Mullins, Professor at London Business School and entrepreneur, and heard his approach, called the 7 Domains, that I had that feeling: Ah, HA! Quickly followed by, “Darn (or perhaps something stronger). This could have kept me out of trouble once or twice…”
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