5 Lessons I Learned from Starting Up

I reckon being an entrepreneur is a day dream for lot of people. When you Google the word ‘entrepreneur’ you would come across page after page of clichés and advice which sound more like a manual for ‘how to operate an everyday gadget?’!

For me, starting up is not just to follow my passion but to find creative ways to overcome the challenges that occurs regularly.

Entrepreneurship is a process or let me rephrase it this way: it is like a journey which has its own shares of ‘ups and downs’. The important factor is that we have to continue the journey.

With my very short journey of a year and more, as an entrepreneur, I am attempting to share few aspects of being a young novice entrepreneur:

  1. Be prepared to listen to the word ‘no’ but don’t celebrate that lone ‘Yes’ with a champagne yet!
    Yes, I was one of those who after listening the word ‘No’ for almost fifty times a day when heard the very positive ‘Yes’; I was ready to pop open that Champagne bottle. I found out later that ‘The Yes’ comes with lot of conditions or riders. So, of course it’s important to be happy when we hear a ‘yes’ however it is also necessary that we remain grounded and cautious about the success coming our way.
  2. Slow and Steady wins the race and also qualifies for the next round!
    There used to be days when I believed that I rather waste my time sleeping eighteen hours a day than to believe in a phrase like ‘slow and steady wins the race’. I learned the hard way that patience is a virtue and being consistent and persistent are the aces which a successful entrepreneur treasures.
  3. Marketing is an art!
    In today’s world where everybody from every corner of the world is being crammed on one big social networking platform; getting the desired attention and awareness about your product and services is an art. There is no ‘tried and tested’ method which guarantees success in marketing. We have to consistently tweak, learn, unlearn, fail and rejoice when it comes to the concept of marketing our products and services.
  4. Walk the Talk
    I know that pitching your ideas and concept to people about your Business is a great way to generate awareness about your product however one tends to get side tracked by all the talk (read presentations).Its very important that one walks the talk and keep ups with all the commitments otherwise it won’t be too late when all the talk becomes just the ‘talk’.
  5. Your co-workers are the main muscle power
    Yes your co-workers are the muscle power who runs your organization. All your big ideas and concepts won’t take off if you are not able to take your co-workers along with you. So my advice to all the newbie who are setting up their own venture is that please share work and ideas with your co-workers instead of just delegating work.

Well, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article that Entrepreneurship is a continuous process with its own set of highs and lows. I would like to believe that the ‘starting up’ process is one of the most exciting stages where one not only grows an idea into business but also grows as a person.

Kalyani is a  bit of a nonconformist who is a big fan of  author, Haruki Murakami’s work.

She  runs a theme based travel company called UntouristyIndia. Her  debut book Bubble Wrap has been published by Harlequin-India and is available online.