31 January 2018

Debt financing is key to success of startups

I run a startup that provides fund-raising solutions to entrepreneurs, and a perplexing question that is often put across to


14 February 2017

Setting up a Manufacturing Unit

Setting up a manufacturing unit is almost like building your house, and if you are a first generation entrepreneur, it


23 November 2016

Why entrepreneurship is my religion?

I love being an entrepreneur. I would like to challenge anyone to give up entrepreneurship as it’s next to impossible


22 November 2016

The mistakes I made as an entrepreneur which you can avoid

Aruj Garg, founder of Bhukkad, a chain of natural fast food joint, almost hit the wall in his entrepreneurial journey.


21 November 2016

Being A Women Entrepreneur: Living My Dream

Even though my tenure as an entrepreneur has been a short one, it seems that I have been an entrepreneur


02 November 2016

The Mentoring Matrix You Did Not Know

In a free-wheeling chat, Arpita Ganesh, CEO and Founder, Buttercups, shares some real life and practical founder-friendly advice regarding mentorship.

As India`s foremost lingerie expert, she has recently raised, pre-series A funding from Snapdeal’s former chief product officer Anand Chandrasekaran, and its existing angel investors Kanwaljit Singh and Manoj Varghese.


07 April 2016

How VCs Work Part 1

In the past few posts we’ve looked at various startup situations from an entrepreneur’s perspective. In this and the next


07 April 2016

What’s on Your Mind?

Are you having problems structuring your grand ideas? Do you want to bring clarity to your strategies regarding your startup?


07 April 2016

Creating Your Start-up – Part 3

In the last post, we took a broad look at how markets and customers are to be evaluated. This is


07 April 2016

Creating Your Start-up – Part 2

In the last post, we talked of the need to have the right kind of people in your startup, what


07 April 2016

Twitter Marketing: How to Do it Right: Part 1

[Tweet “Facebook is for people you knew. LinkedIn is for you know. Twitter is for you want to know.”] The


06 April 2016

How to Find Your Opportunity?

Not every opportunity is your opportunity! This is important to accept because once you become opportunity prone, it becomes easy