Launched in 2003, the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) inspires, educates, skills and supports student entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs for creating high-value jobs in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, East Africa and Latin America, operating in association with governments, corporates, mentors, investors and educational institutes.

NEN Student Entrepreneurship Programs integrate the curricular & non-curricular aspects of entrepreneurship education in a structured manner.

  • Cloud based LearnWise™ platform offering six semesters of blended entrepreneurship courses
  • Wadhwani E Cells on campus run by students to experience and promote entrepreneurship through interactions with entrepreneurs and networking programs
  • Campus Companies - an experiential learning program featuring enterprises run by students, within academic institutions, with the rigor and detailing of real-life businesses

NEN Entrepreneurship Support Programs are delivered through city-based entrepreneurial ecosystems consisting of expert resources (investors, mentors, incubators, educators & coaches), and focused on key areas that positively impact startups and SMEs.

  • Learning for entrepreneur support – self-paced learning from practitioners on practical aspects of starting and growing a business
  • MentorWISE platform– access to mentors based on specific needs of the entrepreneur
  • FundWISE platform– access to investors based on readiness of the company